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Tracking your activities with Recon Jet

Last Updated: Jun 13, 2016 01:39PM PDT

To track a new activity

To start a new activity, choose New Activity and press the select button. Then, choose your activity type: running or cycling. Once your Jet has acquired a GPS location (note: this requires you to be outside), press select to start recording your activity.

Whether you're running or cycling, Jet will provide you with relevant metrics.

Note: If you forget to start activity tracking, Jet will remind you. (A reminder will be displayed if Jet has acquired a GPS location and detects that you’re moving.)


To pause an activity automatically when you stop moving

You can configure Jet to pause activity tracking automatically when you stop moving. To do so, navigate to Settings > Activities > Auto-Pause Activity.

Jet's Auto-Pause feature detects movement using the accelerometer for running activities and the GPS for cycling activities.

Note: You cannot disable this feature while an activity is in progress.


To view and save an activity in progress

To view an activity in progress, first pause it by pressing the select button. You will be asked whether you would like to resume the activity or stop. Swipe down to access the Activity In Progress screen. This screen will show you all current activity stats.

To finish your activity, press select while on the Activity In Progress screen. You will be asked to confirm whether you have finished your activity. You can choose to Save, Share, or Discard your activity.

Warning: Do not remove the battery when Jet is on. To replace Jet's battery, pause your activity and power off Jet first. You can resume your activity after powering Jet on again.


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