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How to adjust Recon Jet for optimal display visibility and comfort

Last Updated: May 11, 2015 01:36PM PDT
First, ensure Jet is sitting securely and comfortably on your face by adjusting the ear stems and nosepiece. Then, adjust the display for optimal visibility.

Adjusting the ear stems

The soft rubber ear stems on Jet's frame can be adjusted to the exact contour of your head for a completely secure and comfortable fit.

Adjusting the nosepiece

Adjust the nosepiece so that Jet sits comfortably on your face, with the display just below your line of sight. If you find that Jet is sitting too high or too low, you can widen or narrow the nosepiece accordingly.

Adjusting the display

Located on the underside of Jet's engine is the display control column, which allows you to adjust Jet's display for optimal visibility.

Before adjusting the display, make sure you are wearing Jet and that the display is on. Then, grip the front of the engine tightly between your thumb and forefinger, ensuring your thumb is on the display control column.

To adjust the display's vertical position, push the display control column forward and back. You should see the image move up and down. To adjust the display's horizontal position, press firmly on the display control column while twisting it on its axis. You should see the image move from side to side. This video shows the correct way to perform these adjustments.

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