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How to connect ANT+ or Bluetooth Smart sensors to Recon Jet

Last Updated: Jul 28, 2016 09:45AM PDT
Jet currently supports ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart heart rate, speed, cadence, and speed/cadence combo sensors. ANT+ power sensors are also supported.

To pair a sensor with Recon Jet, first power on the sensor. Then, on Jet:
  1. Navigate to Settings > Sensors.
  2. Select Sensor Type and choose either ANT+ or Bluetooth LE.
  3. Select Add Sensors and choose the type of sensor you would like to connect.
  4. Select your sensor from the Sensor Found screen.
Jet remembers selected sensors, and it connects to them automatically when you enter the Metrics Dashboard.

  • ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart sensors cannot be used together.
  • Only one Bluetooth Smart of a given type can be used at once. (For example, you cannot connect two Bluetooth Smart heart-rate sensors to Jet.)
  • If a Bluetooth Smart sensor is connected to Jet, that sensor cannot be connected to another device (e.g. a smartphone or bike computer). This limitation does not apply to ANT+ sensors.
  • When connecting a speed or speed/cadence combo sensor, Jet will ask for your bicycle's wheel size. This refers to the wheel circumference. If you do not know the wheel circumference, measure the wheel's outer diameter and use the calculator below to determine the circumference. (The outer diameter is the maximum distance from one edge of the wheel to the opposite edge. When measuring the outer diameter, make sure to measure across the wheel's center and to include the tire.)
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